What is the Youth Lens Project?

Almost everyone feels 'alone' or 'different' at some point in their lives but for some people they experience this every day.   Often they hesitate to ask for help because they wonder how others will react.  The fear of being thought to be different by others is called 'stigma'.  Many young people know this feeling of stigma or who have friends who experience stigma.  The youth lens project provides a way for young people to express what they know about  isolation and stigma through words and pictures.

Why is Youth Lens Important?

Battling Stigma

A way to confront symbols of shame

Providing Support

A way to share our personal voice

Promoting Awareness

A venue to shed light on the unspoken

Breaking Isolation

A means to social inclusion and acceptance

Curating Change

A catalyst for a better world

Engage With Us

Are you a young person who has experienced feelings of isolation or stigma?
Do you know someone who has experienced these feelings?